Does May Want to Leave?

Mrs. May is of course the Remain leader of a majority Remain cabinet. However, she has claimed that Brexit means Brexit and has promised to strike a good deal with the EU that will enable us to leave and take back control of our laws, trade, finances and borders. Her Lancaster House speech set out her priorities and even declared that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’.

That is not, however, something she repeats today. Having lost an election (or at least her parliamentary majority) she cannot afford to upset her Remain back-benchers and cabinet colleagues. Nor does she ever admit that if there were a second referendum she would actually back Brexit. However, we are given to understand that the cabinet is working on a plan which will contain its ideas on the deal required for us to leave next year. So far all we know is that she has made concession after concession to the EU over our exit fee, free movement and Ireland. At present the cabinet is trying to decide on a customs deal and is bitterly divided. Two plans are being discussed–almost publicly–although the EU has said it will reject both. Still, Mrs. May carries on regardless. Does she care about the outcome?

Recently we have learned that the government has accepted a European Council invitation to participate in negotiations on the EU budget running up to 2027. Why? Presumably we are going to have to make regular contributions. But on what basis? It also turns out that the Electoral Commission has been given £829,000 to use for next year’s European parliamentary elections. These take place two months after we are supposed to have left the EU. So why worry about holding them? There are also rumours that May will agree to the UK remaining within the European Customs Union to solve the Irish border problem or at least agree to a ‘regulatory alignment’ with it which will mean Brexit in name only. What there are no rumours about, is any plan to reject EU intimidation and walk away citing ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. In fact one civil servant the other day helpfully disclosed that preparations for any such contingency had run into the ground and were practically non-existent. This in turn might explain why despite a promise by the government last October that between 3,000 and 5,000 new customs officers would be hired to deal with Brexit, the latest figures show that their number has dropped by 3,000. And May herself told Jacob Rees-Mogg that trading by WTO rules would damage the economy.

So does she plan to leave at all? Has she given up on ‘Brexit means Brexit’? Does she figure she has no parliamentary majority for Brexit any longer since her peculiarly disastrous election campaign? Who knows?Most of her cabinet colleagues say they have no idea what she thinks. I am not even sure that she does or can think. She is clearly out of her depth and floundering, yet the backbench Tories seem in no hurry to ditch her. That is why we need the Clean Brexit Party.

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  1. I feel that our biggest problem really goes back to David Cameron; he was the one who offered our nation the choice of whether to ‘leave’ or ‘stay’, promising that whichever way the votes went, they would be honoured. For him – at least – we gave the ‘wrong’ answer, so he decided (without hesitation) to resign from his position and leave the task to anyone else prepared to take it on: enter Theresa May (a ‘remainer’) – and we all know what’s happened since. The whole situation has been a mess from ‘day one’: TM waited endlessly before triggering Article 50 (for fear of getting in the way of other European elections) which, of course, gave the ‘remoaners’ plenty of time to stir up trouble in the courts, and the EU plenty of time to cook up all their aversions to our ‘terrible’ decision – these now being used to make our exit as difficult as possible (the Irish border, I feel, is just a convenient (and lame) excuse, not least given that the border has been there for a very long time, with everyone well used to it); the EU also wants as much cash from us as they can get – presumably hoping that the amount will just be too high, sufficient for us to change our minds and ‘repent’!
    Frankly, the sooner we leave this glorified ‘dictatorship’ (a kind of non-military ‘fourth reich’) the better.
    At the next general election, I fear I may have to write “none of the above” on my voting slip, since at this stage there simply does not seem to be an electable party in existence.

    1. Our biggest problem is that the majority of the political establishment has and are still trying to side line the referendum result/will of the people, in favour of a cake and eat it solution negotiated whilst still in the EU.

      The solution is to inform Brussels that we are honouring the referendum result and Leaving the EU in March 2019 under the WTO and that we are renewing our membership with EFTA, who we were founding members of and will be open to negotiating a FTA with them outside the EEA.

      With regard Gibraltar it already has a hard border with Spain and with regard Northern Ireland, the UK would propose the status quo, with the recommendation that if the EU was unhappy with that arrangement, it would need to make its own arrangements with Ireland.

      With regard free movement of people, the UK can simply offer reciprocal “Associate Citizenship”, which can be applied for a similar fee to that of a passport.

      We remain in control at all times and can trade globally as we wish.

    1. Thank you and a small thought for those in doubt,

      “Most of the problems the World has faced have come from mainland Europe and the solutions from outside it”….MT

      Good advice!

  2. I believe it is abundantly clear that PM Theresa may does NOT want to LEAVE the EU properly with a clean BREAK which is the ONLY same BREXIT that 17.4 million people voted for. She is after all a REMAINER with her husband Banker Philip May and her constituents who voted to REMAIN in the EU. She got to be Prime Minister simply by being DUPLICITOUS over BREXIT and “burning injustices” and now she has cemented herself with a REMAINERS Cabinet so that she cannot be removed unless the back benchers have the GUTS to SACK HER after voting down her BREXIT means REMAIN deal and submitting their 48 letters to their Party’s Back Bench Committee to commence a vote of no confidence
    The Prime Minister is going to either enable an EEA and EU EFTA court Trade deal [which is NOT BREXIT] or call a General Election or extend Article 50 for another 2nd EU referendum in the hope that REMAIN wins. The majority of the British people who voted for BREXIT were like myself working class [this was a POLL TAX moment] and 7 out of 10 Labour held constituencies voted for a CLEAN BREXIT. Here’s partly why The Conservatives will lose the next General Election with the economic austerity damage she is doing to the working class,she was a previous banking employee, there are online documentaries with Theresa May’s former university students saying that Theresa May always wanted to be Prime Minister after she met Philip May!

    If there is a clean Brexit candidate in my region, I will vote for them if the pledge is for the Party to honour the BREXIT vote via a CLEAN BREXIT: Leave the EU single Market, Customs Union, direct and indirect ECJ jurisdiction, EEA and NOT adopt EFTA.

    NEWS onPolitics 20/04/2018 Does Theresa May directly profit from the bloodshed of innocent people?

    Philip May profiting from wife’s military policies
    April 26, 2018 David Wilson

  3. The game plan all along has been to leave but not leave. Hence the rubbish deal she agreed, fooling herself into believing she would get it through parliament by saying it is my deal or no Brexit and MPs had a duty to vote for it.
    Because she has no genuine political skills, doesn’t listen and is completely lacking in emotional intelligence, it has now gone horribly wrong for her. And now, because she is by nature mulish and stubborn, she thinks she can cobble something new together (fat chance) and they will listen to her in Brussels (even fatter chance). She has now made almost certain that we are heading for a clean no deal and WTO. Good.

  4. I think May’s deal will fail, she will be forced out and then we will live in perpetual crisis. Well, for a few years anyway. Won’t that be fun. Probably not.

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