Public Funding

The Private Finance Initiative has failed our NHS and has only enabled governments to hide their borrowing.

Unlimited Demand

Demand is unlimited for healthcare, the sooner we accept that the sooner we realise we must make compromises.

Our National Health Service faces some of the greatest challenges of all our public services and sadly this will always be the case. This is because of the fundamental law of unlimited health demands. People will die of something one day, whether it is a heart attack, cancer or a car crash. Every time we improve the quality of healthcare and save a patients life, the saved patient will end up dying of another disease. This means we will never have enough doctors or hospitals or money to cure every disease and treat every patient. The reality is to raise more money for the NHS, we either need to cut spending on education, pensions or raise taxes. No other part of the government budget is large enough to produce the savings needed. Nonetheless, spending levels remain insufficient to maintain the health service as it is today. Buffeted by high price inflation in pharmaceuticals and an aging population, health demands will continue to grow over the next decade faster than. As such, we have made available £8bn of additional funds for the NHS and social care to relieve some of the pressure felt by social care and our National Health Service.

However, money alone can not be the answer, integrating with social services is vital to enable a continuity of care that the elderly in this country deserve. As such, we propose shifting the responsibility of social care from the local councils, as it is today, under the clinical commissioning group budgets.

As a short note, our migration reforms detailed on the other page, will ensure that never again we will face a shortage of nurses or doctors, because of government bureaucracy.

Beyond that, it is vital we look to the future and embrace technologies which may save patients lives and revolutionise the way we deliver care. We should deepen our strategic co-operation with advanced technology firms, such as the partnership with Google Deep Mind, to deliver more effective medical diognistics. Opening access to the NHS to these private technology experts, will enable the UK to be the world leader in medical technology, and ensure that our ill and infirm have access to the latest advances earlier than almost anywhere in the world!

Overall our health and social care plan is built into 3 core measures:

  1. Integrate NHS and social care into one NHSCS (National Health and Social Care Service).
  2. Spending £8bn a year, to relieve the NHSCS of the growing pressures of an aging population and medical inflation.
  3. Embrace artificial intelligence and medical technology experts within our healthcare service.