The Remoaners’ View of History

Lord Malloch-Brown, chairman of best of Britain, the anti-Brexit group funded by George Soros (he has just given it at least £500,000), to reverse Brexit has complained that Brexiteers are like the Appeasers of the 1930s for not wanting to engage with Europe. The aim of Brexit, of course, is to regain our independence and it was British independence, as his Lordship should know, that saved Europe from unification under Hitler. It is the Remoaners who want to appease Brussels. Indeed, they are worse than appeasers; they are defeatists, collaborators, fellow-travellers, a veritable fifth column of Brussels. Now they are hypocrites as well

When the  new campaign starts it will be led by the great and the good:Blair, Clegg, Campbell, Major, Gina Miller, Lords X, Y and Z, a variety of international businessmen, Tory rebels plus the Lib Dems and Labour ‘Moderates’. They will all sing to the Brussels’ hymnbook. We must run a counter-campaign. Another reason for Clean Brexit.

8 thoughts on “The Remoaners’ View of History”

  1. I really hope that the clean brexit campaign can get real momentum in order to stop these vile people who are determind to undermine the democratic will of the majority of the british people who voted to leave. It would be a travesty if they were to succeed in doing so. And although it is unacustomed for royalty to interfere in politics they should gently remind the peers and politicians past and present that the people have spoken and should be heard.

    1. Let’s be honest, we never see this level of objection when the ‘wrong’ government has been elected – that’s more likely to be sorted out at the ensuing general election (albeit 5 years down the line). My other problem with the current situation is that folk making the most fuss are the ‘ex’ (and unelected) political elite, the extremely well-off (who, presumably, are frightened they may have to work a little harder to maintain their wealth), and interfering (also extremely wealthy) types like Gina Miller & Georg Soros (not even British) who, one must believe, have no better ways of occupying themselves. I still think we should just walk away and let the Europeans stew in their own juices (even Her Majesty was reputed to have asked “why can’t we just leave?”).

      1. The simple answer is that the message has not got through, not Brexit means Brexit, but Leave means Leave, which was quite clearly on the ballot paper!

  2. I have seen many statistics bounded around since the referendum, but do we know how many of the “yes” voters were peoples whom have settled here from the rest of the EU since the roll out of the freedom of movement? I would be interested to see the figures following the removal of this group from the overall total.
    It is also my opinion that the Lisbon treaty was hastily signed by Gordon Brown (not elected) as leader of a party that promised a referendum on the EU (that was not fulfilled) and is therefor without mandate, and it binds future governments and is therefore unconstitutional. Should we revisit and analyse the treason laws?

  3. Why just for a change can’t the politicians do what the people of this Country instructed them to do? why all the stupid comments like “it was a small majority so we need another vote” if this principal was the norm any elected MP with a small majority would be at the polls every other week until they had a large majority.

    Teresa May is to all intents and purposes a remoner, she is going to keep us as closely tied to the EU as she can while trying to keep her job, I wish the Brexiteer MP’s would remove the rose tinted glasses and see her for what she is and get shut now before she does any more damage.

    1. Totally agree with Brian and the same people that are shouting for a second vote are the same people who have been the first to shout at the SNP for attempting to have a second vote because they did not achieve the answer they wanted the first time around……complete hypocrisy!

  4. All these comments are spot on. Our political, economic, academic and cultural elites do not yet accept—if they ever will—that a distinct majority of voters are determined to quit the EU and have democratically cast their vote to do so. This majority is therefore under immense and constant pressure to reverse its vote. And given the government is dominated by ardent Remainers, including the Chancellor and maybe even the Prime Minister, who knows what methods may yet be employed in an attempt to bring this about? That is why
    the Clean Brexit Movement (Party) was set up—to have a basis from which to challenge the opponents of the Referendum outcome.

  5. I am shocked at the ignorance of many remain voters. It is sad that the leave parties failed to properly educate the British Public about the true nature of the EU. If that had happened many more would have voted to Leave, in my opinion, especially young people who have had their future sold out by successive governments. I will ardently support a Clean Brexit Movement in any way possible.

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