An Optimist’s Brexit

The Clean Brexit Movement is a new political movement prepared to terminate negotiations with an EU that has consistently negotiated in bad faith, shown itself to be almost religiously opposed to reasonable compromise and has treated the British as renegades and enemies rather than friends and neighbours.

The lessons it draws from the Brexit record so far are; that no deal is better than anything offered so far; that the EU should be paid nothing; that the UK should be willing to turn itself into a competitive rival on the model of Singapore; that it should conclude its own trade deals with the rest of the world and seek a global not European future; and to that end it should adopt the radical new policies fully explained in its manifesto to exploit the manifold opportunities Brexit offers future generations.

After Brexit, Britain will be in control of its own laws, finances, trade, and borders just like any normal self-governing democracy which it will now become again as the main benefit of Brexit. But it will need modern policies to flourish and seize the opportunities that Brexit presents.

The movement is endorsing Boris Johnson’s stand for leadership, as the credible candidate to avoid us signing a Brexit In Name Only deal. It is vital that a candidate is willing to terminate negotiations and plan out a WTO Clean Brexit. Only with a credible in action threat, will the hostile EU negotiators adjust their approach.

Britain requires leaders who genuinely have a vision of how Britain could be so much greater outside the EU. All we need is the support of you, the British people to keep pressure on the UK political class, to ensure that we achieve a Clean Brexit So if you believe that Britain can truly be greater outside the EU and that Brexit can transform this country for the better, join our movement for a brighter future for Britain.


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